Luis Merino Senior Front-end Developer


I am Senior Front-end Developer with over 8 years of experience developing applications.

I'm an active player on the Javascript ecosystem and its tooling both on the browser and behind it.
I've been part of a great number of teams, such as Cloud9IDE and, where I've been exposed to a great variety of technical challenges. I'm particularly good at creating great multiplatform UX experiences.

My personal development projects include a visualizer of user journeys with nodes and edges and attached snapshots and a social SVG icons generator built using SVG.js. I've also been a contributor to Chaplin.js and MooTools.


Spanish (native), English (fluent), German (B1) and Catalan


Javascript: Vanilla, React.JS, Can.js, D3.js.

Node.js: KOA/Express.js,, Grunt, Bower, Gulp, NPM.

Ruby: Rvm, RoR, Sinatra, Padrino, ActiveRecord.

Others: React-Native, with some exp. on Swift/Objective-C and some in Scala.

TDD/BDD: CI with Karma.js, Buster.js, Sinon.js, QUnit, Jasmine, PhantomJS, Capybara...

SQL and NoSQL: Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

UI/UX exp: SCSS/Less, Sketch, Zeplin, FramerJS, etc.

Other: Unix, Vagrant, Docker, Git.


  • Decision-making and Learning fast
  • Performance, cross-browser maintenable Javascript/CSS cores
  • Web-Component/React-Component crafting
  • React-Native (learning as I go)
  • Building API's, thinking on latency, bytesize and progressive enhancement
  • App services - connecting dataflows, and tools to monitor, track, etc.

Experience summary

I believe in full-stack development. Versatility gives a developer a wide spectrum of the web environment
Agile methodologies and Lean development, Open Source contributions and maintenance, Performance optimization, Team leading and Mentoring, Bootstraping, API engineering, Analytics, Mobile development.

Amazon Web Services, Unix, Data mining, Data visualization, Web services, Protocols, NGINX, CDN, Heroku (SEMSERVER), Git, Open Source, CRO, web/mobile optimization, UX/UI, HTML5 mobile development.

Latest Projects

  • 2015-2016

    Nestpick initially started as a small portal connecting tenants with landlords through mid to long-term contracts. As of 2015, the platform receives several thousands of visitors every day looking for a way to book an mid or long-term apartment online, for their next move across 30 cities.

    Goals: Decoupling, minifying codebase to optimize loading time and create an astonishing mobile experience.
  • 2013-2015

    Proudsugar is a agency that operates as a Growth Service. With a custom methodology it provides research and solutions for revenue growth with the existing traffic. Improvements happen from three angles: communication, design and technology.

    My role as CTO deemed working many code bases: Ruby, PHP, Javascript, Python... Data gathering tools, like Mixpanel, Keen.IO, and RJ Metrics. We built custom tools to help us with the growth work for clients, based on D3, and Padrino framework.
  • 2012-2013

    Moviepilot is a startup ranking second after IMDB. They target audience interested in the upcoming filmatographic releases to create a community. User can contribute with content. It servers hundreds of thousands of requests per month.

    My role as Front-end Lead included working with source code on RoR and Chaplin.JS to build the component-based single-page app.

    The team use a broad set of technologies to accomplish a performance-optimized product: PhantomJS, Buster.js and Sinon.js along with Jenkins. D3.js, crawlers and graph search and data analysis.
  • 2011

    Cloud9 is a development environment that runs on modern browsers. It supports more than 40 languages, with class A support for PHP, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Go, etc.

    The Workspaces are a maintained infrastructure in the cloud. Each project can be integrated with multiple services, including SauceLabs to test virtually on any device.

    As a developer I was able to work on Node.js and Browser features. During my 7 months at C9, I was responsible for the Heroku, Dropbox and FTP integrations within the product. The agile team and the frenetic development process required a multitude of skills.