Luis Merino

Remote/Hybrid Full Time

Full Stack Software Engineer

Hi, I'm Luis. I'm a software engineer based in Berlin with a passion for building great products. I'm currently working at Qdrant as a Software Engineer.

I started my career as a front-end engineer back when Internet Explorer 6 existed, collaborated in early JavaScript open-source projects, and have been part of several tech companies across Europe. I've spent the last years building rich applications in a variety of ecosystems.

My focus on technologues in the last years has been on React, TypeScript, GraphQL and CI for testing infrastructure among others.

My roles involved working on front-end toolchains, developer experience, training, hiring, and along etc... I've done a lot, non-stop, since circa. 2004.

In 2021, I became a father of a wonderful boy.

A while back I picked up some skills in Rust for fun and profit.